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July 2015 One Year Anniversary Cloud Comp Fundraiser

For our one year anniversary we wanted to do something special. Vape a Vet is something that we have a lot of respect for and we thought it would be great if we could help them out in any way possible. We decided that we would hold one of our cloud competitions, but have all entry fees go to the foundation. Along with the entry fees, we thought we would hold a raffle, give out a ton of stuff and donate all of the raffle money to Vape a Vet as well.

It turned out to be a success! We were able to raise $550.00 for Vape a Vet and everyone that attended had a good time.

We really want to thank everyone that attended. We started Black Dog Vapes with a desire to be a part of a community. These competitions, the people that come by every day and hang out, the new friends we have made… They make it all worth it!

Thank you!!!!

We also want to thank the sponsors again for helping out with this event!

BRV Liquids
Tasty Cloud Vape Co.
Fixx-E Liquid
Wick N Vape
Blackhand Liquids
Shakedown Liquids
Liquid Mind Design
Lavish Elixir

Below you will find some pictures from the event.


1st: Justin [right] 2nd: Taylor [middle] 3rd: Zach [left]

1st Place – Justin [right]
2nd Place – Taylor [middle]
3rd Place – Zach [left]


First Prize
Custom switch box from Outlier Modz
Cotton Bacon Hat
BRV Shirt
Cuttwood Shirt
Cotton Bacon Shirt
BRV Shot Glass
(5) Cotton Bacon
BRV Wrist Band
(3) 30mls Cuttwood
(5) 15mls Tasty Cloud
(5) 15mls Lavish Elixer
(2) 120mls BRV
(3) 30mls Fixx-e Liquid
Cannon Cap from Liquid Mind Design
Buddha Cap from Liquid Mind Design
Second Prize
ipv4 Silver
Cotton Bacon Hat
BRV Shirt
Cuttwood Shirt
Cotton Bacon Shirt
BRV Shot Glass
BRV Wrist Band
(1) Cotton Bacon
Cannon Cap from Liquid Mind Design
(1) 120mls BRV
Third Prize
Builder Kit
Cannon Cap from Liquid Mind Design
(1) Cotton Bacon
(1) 120mls BRV
BRV Wrist Band
BRV Shirt
(3) Random 30mls

We look forward to seeing you at our next event! [TBD]

Black Dog Vapes, The Origin Of The Name.

When we first got the idea to start a vape shop a lot of things were up in the air. Did we want a lounge or small boutique storefront? Were we going to cater to the experienced, or those new to vaping? We weren’t sure, but one thing we were sure of was that we didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle of all the other vape shops. We wanted a name that stood out, a name that meant something to us.

The Black Dog is a reoccurring motif throughout history, from European folklore of hellish hounds, to more modern tales and urban legends of spectral omens. The term “black dog” has even been used as a euphemism for depression. Often feared and frequently misunderstood, real black dogs became a sort of archetypal object of fear and awe that endures even still today. (Statistically, black dogs, especially larger ones, tend to be relinquished to animal shelters more, and are harder to find homes for than their light colored counter parts.)

So, aside from it just sounding cool, we chose the name “Black Dog Vapes” because we felt that vaping, much like the black dog, was also misunderstood and in jeopardy of being stigmatized out of fear, ignorance, and negative associations. Our goal as a company is to not only provide our customers with a positive experience, but to also promote vaping itself in a positive way by helping to clear up misconceptions and provide accurate information.

Did you know?

While Hon Lik is often credited with the invention of the electronic cigarette 2003, there were other incarnations of a “vapor producing” “cigarette-like devices much earlier than that.

1901 -Parisian pharmacist Henry Ferre invents a “tubular inhaler” that held 2 inner receptacles. One receptacle was to hold cotton that was to be saturated with weak hydrochloric acid, while the other receptacle was to hold “an aqueous solution of carbonate of ammonia to which polyatomic alcohol is added”. Upon inhalation, the 2 vapors would “combine to form ammonia hydroehloratc(?) in the form of a neutral and inoffensive white vapor, giving the illusion of smoke”. It’s intended use? A toy cigar for children.

1909 – Ignazio Bucceri comes up with an idea to produce an inexpensive inhaler made to look like a cigar which would contain chemicals that would create a vapor with the color of tobacco smoke and have “a very agreeable taste”, utilizing menthol or “some highly flavored fluid, such as extract of peppermint or any other extract which would give the desired flavor to the inhaled vapors”.

1951- Henry Pardeman invents an inhaler shaped like a cigarette that was “made to deceive the senses” so that a smokers “habitual craving for a burning cigarette is deceived into accepting my inhaler as a satisfactory substitute”.

1955 Otto Lobl created a tubular mouth inhaler simulating a smoking device to serve as a means helping smokers overcome or curb the cigarette smoking habit.

1956- Frank Bartolomeo invents a smoking device that requires no combustion that can be used in places where smoking was deemed hazardous or because “conditions forbid the showing of light as at night in time of war”. It was designed to hold a capsule that would hold all “the aroma and flavor volatiles of tobacco”.

1963- Herbert A Gilbert presents his invention for a “smokeless non tobacco cigarette” that provided a safe and harmless means for smoking by replacing the burning of paper wrapped tobacco with heated, moist, air that could be flavored with chemicals. The device, quite similar to the electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers of today, ran off a battery that could be changed out when spent, had a heating element/coil, and held a removable flavor cartridge that could be changed out with different flavors.  


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